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PETRO Environmental, LLC owns and operates the largest bioremediation facilities in the state of Ohio. PETRO Cells (a PETRO Environmental, LLC patented technology) offer the best option for off-site petroleum contaminated soil (PCS) disposal. By treating or recycling the waste stream generated during UST removal and associated corrective actions, generators can eliminate future liabilites and save valuable landfill space.

PETRO Cells are constructed with two layers of an impermeable, high density polyethylene membrane to contain contaminated soil, preventing it from leaching into surrounding areas. The treatment process utilizes a combination of bioremediation and soil vapor extraction. Leachate water collected from the cell is inoculated with indigenous microorganisms.

This water is then recirculated through the contaminated soil using high volume pumps that reduce the level of contamination to below EPA mandated regulatory levels. Air that is drawn through these pumps is then passed through a carbon activated filter before being discharged.

Once this process is complete, soil samples are collected to verify regulatory compliance. When soil samples test below regulatory limits, a Certificate of Treatment is sent to the generator to serve as proof that their liability has ended.

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